Ex Isn’t Short for Exception.

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Your ex.

That false sense of comfort that give is almost as fake as Lisa Rinna’s lips. The one thing you need to remember is that in the words of Admiral Ackbar…

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Now, let’s rewind a bit to March.

I have not spoken to my ex boyfriend in about 2 years . Trust me, it took all the strength in my core to not drunk text him and get laid. Alas, I purposely forgot his number and abused the shit out of my Tinder for new booty. In this time span, I was able to realign with things I should have made important like friends, my career and traveling. But like with all fuck boys, they have a 6th sense to know when to show up and create chaos.

The story is all the same : they drunk text you, you entertain it and thus, the vicious cycle begins. Curiosity got the best of me and I agreed to his invitation to connect over drinks. The biggest concern was that I was going to fall weak to his advances and end my night hating myself.

50 shades of NOPE! The feeling of knowing that you look exponentially better than when you last dated is better than any drug I’ve tried. Like home boy was looking rough. Needless to say, I was curious to see whatever he had to say that he couldn’t say through text.

After pointless filler conversation, I finally was able to find out how was on his end. Single after being wi 6th someone for 15 months. Of course that’s why he got in contact with me because my apparent perception is that I’m the back up. Yeah, no.

Entertained him the whole night and went along our own way. Quite frankly, why go back to eating Spam when you’ve dined on filet mignon? Yeah, I know you wouldn’t revert to your old ways either.

Sure, the comfort level that you had with your ex is inviting and who doesn’t like safety but at the end of the day, there was a reason why that relationship ended. Be like Elsa and let that shit go. Honestly, I did kind of find it flattering that I’m still living in his brain rent free but boy byee.


Can it be February 15th Already?



Here we are again. When you work at a place that capitalizes on Valentine’s Day, you can’t escape the love birds that you have to interact with until February 15th. After a few years in the game, it doesn’t bother me but I’m pretty sure there’s some people who need those survival tips. Tired of your relationships giving you the shit about being single on the 14th? First off, they can go away because you’re awesome on your own. Secondly, peep this list below because this is how I’ve survived every Valentine’s day ever since I told my ex-fiance to fall down a flight of stairs.

1. Don’t Believe The Hype.

Trust me when I say, your wallet would be so thankful for this. Spending money on outfits, going to a superfluous restaurant for an overpriced prix-fixe meal and buying flowers that have a shelf life of 4 days is quite unnecessary. Use that money that you saved on this day and go somewhere fun like Miami (I’m quite biased because I fucking live for South Beach) or binge drink at the bar. At the end of the day, you being single gives you options.

2. Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Don’t Make me a Match.

Everyone in your circle thinks they have the best intentions for you. “Oh, don’t be alone on this day.” or “I know this really cute person at my job who just so happens to be single.” Seriously, back off and let a girl breathe! It’s only one day and I can guarantee that I will never see this person again so, why force something to happen. Plus, from experience, your date can get stage-5 clinger quickly. Not a cute look at all.

3. Keep Being Single and Carry on.

You’re awesome all on your own and don’t let the social norms dictate that otherwise for you. I’m fully aware that now, in ny thirties, the expectation to be locked down in a marriage is higher than ever. How many fucks do I give? None. And neither should you. Whatever your reason is to be single, stand your ground and don’t let the pressure consume you. The last thing anyone should subject themselves to is an unhappy relationship.

Look, February 14th is just another Tuesday to me this year that I’ll treat it as such. Just don’t be caught on the 13th and thinking you can get something with no strings attached. You’ll regret it, trust me.
Any tips on how you survive this holiday as an awesome single person? Share in the comments below.

Peace out cub scout,