Melissa Henry’s Journey



Melissa Henry isn’t your typical twenty-something who does nothing but get drunk in the middle of the week. She’s trying to survive and make the best out of the final years of awesomeness. With friends from High School and College getting hitched, the pressure’s on to find someone to put a ring on it. Mel has the best intentions but doesn’t really execute them appropriately. All she knows is that she deserves love just like everyone else, even if it’s in the bottom of her Pabst Blue Ribbon Tall Boy.


My name is Paola Hernandez and I’m the mastermind behind Confessions of a Broke Single Girl. The creation of Melissa Henry came about to show that you can live richer and more extravagantly than those who are financially well off. Over the past 12 years of her dating, she’s done a 180 from being a stage five clinger to someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Hope you enjoy the adventure she will endure to find her Mr. Right.



2 thoughts on “Melissa Henry’s Journey

  1. youngandtwenty says:

    I love your writing style and how relateable it is! If you’re interested in writing a guest post for my blog, email me at!

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